Due to COVID-19, I am currently offering a hybrid of telehealth and in-person services.

  • Not Your Mother’s Mothers: Transitioning to Motherhood Without Losing Yourself

    Mothers deserve to enjoy mothering…and all the other parts of themselves too.  

    But too often, being a mother is synonymous with self-sacrifice, loss of identity, and burnout.  And too often, there is no space, literally or figuratively for all the parts, stories, and complexities of what it means to be a mother.

    As a mother, here’s what you’re dealing with:

    -You feel overwhelmed, burnt out, and undervalued, as a result of constant caregiving and emotional labor. 

    -You don’t believe that caregiving is strictly women’s work, but you feel guilty or anxious about stepping back, delegating, or going on strike.

    -You practice self-care regularly, but find that it isn’t having much effect.

    -You have a sense of restlessness and discomfort, like your sense of identity and purpose is a pair of shoes just one size too small.  

    -You keep doing and moving and acting and producing, but you still feel like you’re drowning. 

    -Your thoughts race with schedules, lists, articles, courses, and lifehacks that are supposed to help you “get it together,” but just make you feel immobilized.

    -You feel disconnected, stuck, and flat.

    -You regularly notice injustice and inequity happening around you, but feel exhausted and immobilized thinking about what you can do to help.   

    -You identify as feminist(ish), but feel stuck in traditional gender roles

    -You’re angry…but you don’t think you should be. 

    Our patriarchal hustle and grind culture spares no one, but mothers bear a particularly heavy load. Often, it seems that the model for how to do it “right” as a mother is to sacrifice time, energy, pleasure, and identity, with the promise that if you work hard enough, one day everything will feel in control and easy. Instead, doing more just leads to doing more, leaving you feeling exhausted, depleted, and anxious…and somehow, like you still aren’t enough.

    Let’s shine a light on what’s keeping you stuck (hint: it’s not you).

    Not Your Mother’s Mothers is a virtual 6-session closed therapeutic group for female-identitied parents (step, foster, adoptive, and non-birthing partners all welcome) with children of any age who find themselves constantly moving, doing, managing, and producing, in an attempt to find stability, control, and calm. NYMM is designed for mothers who feel overlooked, burned out, and stuck, and who want to find more expansiveness, agency, and presence in their lives.


    The Logistics:

    NYMM will be held from 1030am-12pm on the following dates::

    June 10, 2022

    June 17, 2022

    June 24, 2022

    No group week of July 1

    July 8, 2022

    July 15, 2022

    July 22, 2022

    As a free bonus, there will be an optional drop-in “co-resting” session each weekend. During these sessions, participants will have the opportunity to log on at the designated time, turn off your camera, and engage in a self-care/leisure activity. Co-resting sessions are free and optional, but encouraged, to get you in the habit of having regular, protected leisure time.

    Minimum of 4, maximum of 10 participants per group.

    Within the safety of a supportive group, participants will:

    -learn mindfulness techniques and somatic interventions to ground and self-regulate, and build trust in emotions and body signals

    -examine and disrupt societal, gender, familial, and individual messages and beliefs that perpetuate burnout and “not enoughness”

    -utilize self-compassion and CBT skills to reduce anxiety and shame and set healthy boundaries

    -identify and align with core values

    -explore and integrate maternal identity using narrative techniques 

    -create a realistic and sustainable plan to reclaim time, presence, connection and joy 

    -channel righteous, rebellious anger into fierce, fulfilling care, without diluting either

    Investment: $360.  Participants who sign up on or before 5/23 get early bird pricing of $330.

    This investment covers the cost of six 90-minute group sessions, with six bonus co-resting sessions, and a PDF of worksheets to use during and after sessions.

    Participants are welcome to utilize payment plans at no additional cost, but the price reflects the six-session group as a whole, and will not be reduced or prorated according to attendance. Payments can be split into two or four installments. 

    For every three participants signed up at full price, a reduced fee spot will be available. Please consider hardship vs. sacrifice when requesting a reduced fee. This blog post is a helpful tool: http://www.wortsandcunning.com/blog/sliding-scale  

    Your Facilitator

    I’m Allison Staiger, creator of Highwire Therapy, LLC. I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Perinatal Mental Health Certified. I work with birthing parents all along the parenting spectrum: from trying to conceive, through pregnancy, and into postpartum, including folks experiencing infertility, loss, birth trauma, and postpartum mood and anxiety disorders. I have helped many birthing parents put internal and external systems in place to protect and heal from pervasive burnout and overwhelm (myself included), and embody parenthood from a grounded, values-aligned, and non-oppressive space. NYMM is iterated from a group created for maternal burnout that exceeded my expectations. I’m excited to build a new little ecosystem of support and strength this fall.

    Questions? Clarifications? Ready to get started? Enrollment in NYMM requires a free consult and intake to ensure goodness of fit. Want to join or get more information? Fill out the form below and I will reach out to you directly within 24 hours. Enrollment closes on June 6, 2022.

    **Participants must be residents of Louisiana.  Any participant who is not an active client of Allison Staiger, LCSW will require a free consultation and onboarding call to ensure goodness of fit.  

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