Highwire Therapy offers hybrid appointments to clients in Illinois, and telehealth appointments to clients in Louisiana.

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    Individual Therapy

    Being a caregiver can be a landmine, and when that landmine gets tripped, it can look much different than just burnout. It can look like always doing and moving and worrying, because of a fear of everything falling apart if you slow down. It can look like feeling disconnected from or mistrusting of your body or emotions. It can look like self-sacrifice being a measure of your worth. It can look like rage, helplessness, and scary intrusive thoughts.

    I work with people who hold caregiver identities, from parents (including those trying to have children and those struggling with loss), therapists, birth workers, health professionals, educators, and many other helpers and healers. Together, we work to understand what your symptoms are telling you and find ways to create safety and stability, build resources, and find yourself and your needs within the care you give others.

    Ready to get started?  I offer telehealth appointments to clients located throughout Illinois, with in-person appointments in the Ravenswood area of Chicago.