Highwire Therapy offers hybrid appointments to clients in Illinois, and telehealth appointments to clients in Louisiana.

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    Vision + Values

    I have a vision for therapy that:

    -Does not rely on a medical model for care

    -Does not pathologize normal and/or cultural responses to abnormal events

    -Does not require diagnosis or medical necessity to use insurance

    -Does not need insurance at all

    -Heals the systems that cause oppression and injustice as much as it heals the individual

    -Respects an individual’s rights to not always get better or only get better enough

    -Does not have “healthy” or “unhealthy” coping mechanisms, only ways that people resource themselves for adversity

    -Centers community care and wellness

    -Unfolds in the way it needs to, in as many sessions as it needs to, over as much time as it needs to

    -Does not pretend systemic oppression does not exist

    -Respects healing modalities that are not evidence-based or “discovered” by only white people.

    -Respects the humanity and well-being of the practitioners providing the therapy

    -Allows us all to dream a different future for our world.

    As a practitioner for people in caregiver identities, and a caregiver myself, I will not perpetuate harm on myself.

    I believe in the value of my time and energy, my ability to rest and care for myself, the wisdom of my body, mind, and heart.

    I place loving boundaries around my work and how I offer it so that I may be the most whole for my clients and for myself.

    We live in a world in which people who give care (parents, educators, helpers, healers, artists, activists, etc) are consistently undervalued and delegitimized, and so I hold care as a valuable leadership practice, and the foundation of our past, present and future.

    I think each and every one of us is just doing what we know to do in a world that has been made cruel and unjust, and that therapy (and all forms of individual and collective healing) is radical, political, and badass.

    I’m glad you’re here.